Our Shop

American Cylinder Head Inc. with over 35 years experience has become the industry leader in providing high quality cylinder heads for Domestic, Import, Heavy Duty Diesel and Compressed Natural Gas. We stock over 10,000 cylinder heads in our Oakland California facility.

We are the only cylinder head remanufacture in the United States to be certified as an ISO 9001-209 remanufacturing facility. The ISO certification is a rigorous certification program with its main emphasis on quality control. By being ISO 9001:2009 certified, American Cylinder Head demonstrates a commitment to quality, a dedication for continuous improvement, and conscientious concern for customer satisfaction.

- Here are some photos of our shop in Oakland. Click images to enlarge.

American Cylinder Head Main Side Viewpoints from the outside.

Some Facts
  • Family owned and operated since 1973
  • Square Footage: 20,000 sqft.
  • Employees: 25
  • Location: 499 Lesser Street Oakland CA 94601

  • - Here are some photos from the inside.

    Cylinder Head Machine Rottler SG8

    - We use sophisticated equipment that is accurate and precise.

    Cylinder Head Machine Rottler SG8
    <-- Left: A Cylinder Head Valve Seat and Guide Machine for maximum precission.

    Cylinder Head Machine Rottler SG8
    <-- Left: Rottler Dry Milling Block and Head Surfacing Machine.